Korean songs and shows are becoming very popular among international audiences and particularly, within America as well. While we love to see the uniqueness and variety of shows, sometimes, the language barrier can be a little inconvenient. The reason for this is that it becomes harder for you to see or understand the next hot topic or which Korean show is coming. However, thanks to the internet, this information has also become very easy to find.

Luckily for you, if you have been scouting the internet and various websites for new Korean dramas and movies to watch, then you don’t need to look further than this. We have put together a list of shows that are set to be released this year.

This way, you can go through the synopsis and see which one you want to add to your ‘To Watch’ list. Of course, there are plenty of other options and Korean shows coming, but we have compiled the ones that are highly anticipated by millions of fans.

So, let’s dig right into the list now, shall we?

A Time Called You

A Time Called You is based on a Taiwanese drama titled ‘Someday or One Day’. The year is 2023 and Jun-hee still misses her boyfriend, who died a year ago. Due to mysterious circumstances, she travels back in time to the past and is a high school student in 1998.

Her name is now Kwon Min-joo and she discovers that the school’s most popular boy, Si-heon, has a striking resemblance to her dead boyfriend. But that’s not all. She learns that In-gyu, her best friend, has feelings for her and this is when things start getting complicated.

The drama is set to be released in 2023, although the date has yet to be finalized. This drama is very highly anticipated by fans due to the captivating storyline!

Mask Girl

Mask Girl is a Korean drama that is based on the webtoon of the same name. Fans of the webtoon are highly anticipating this drama as it has a big fan base already. The story of this drama is about an office employee, Mo-mi, who is insecure about her face, but confident about her body.

As a result, she hosts an internet broadcast wearing a face mask. Another employee in the same office, Joo-oh, develops a crush on the mysterious masked girl. Things only seem to go crazy from there and he gets tangled in the mess too.

The date of release is yet to be announced, however, it has been confirmed to air in 2023, so fans are eagerly waiting for any news!

The Girl Downstairs

The Girl Downstairs is another K-drama based on a webtoon titled ‘Doona’. A college freshman, Won-joon, has just moved into a new apartment and quickly discovers that his downstairs neighbor and housemate, Doo-na is a retired K-pop idol who quit the show-biz to pursue her studies.

Unexpectedly (or maybe we should say, expectedly), Won-joon starts falling for Doo-na. While the drama has not announced any release date, it is expected to release sometime in 2023. This is one drama you will want to add to your list as it has quite the star cast!


Vigilante is a Korean drama set to release sometime in 2023 although the date has not been revealed yet. It is an action thriller drama and the story was, yet again, adapted from a webtoon of the same name. The story follows a police academy student, Kim Ji-yong, who lost his mother at a young age to some criminals.

He joins the academy hoping to take revenge and prevent others from suffering the same fate. However, rather than becoming a policeman, he forms a secret underworld organization and becomes a vigilante. He punishes various criminals by killing them and at the same time, he needs to avoid the authorities.

The Roundup: No Way Out

The Roundup: No Way Out is the third installment in the Crime City film series. It is also a sequel to the second installment titled ‘The Roundup’. All three films follow the story of the detective, Ma Seok-do, hunting down dangerous criminals. In this movie, Seok-do changes his team from the Geumcheon Police Station to Metropolitan Investigation Team in order to corner the Japanese Yazuka gangsters that have entered Korea to carry out heinous crimes within the country and spread havoc.

While there is no date set for the release of the film, we only know that it is set to be released this year. If you haven’t caught up with the first two films, then this is your sign to do it now. Binge-watch the first two films so you can watch the third film as soon as it hits the cinemas!

Where Can You Watch Them?

Having a list of Korean dramas and movies is not enough! Naturally, you would want to know where you can watch and enjoy them, especially without those pesky ads interrupting you every moment. Well, believe it or not, as the popularity of Korean shows and songs increases, they have become very easy to find.

You even have a separate section for them on some streaming sites like Netflix and more. Don’t be surprised to find them on some Spectrum TV channels as well. If you have a good channel lineup, like Xfinity TV channels, you will find a lot of them pretty easily. Head out to www.buytvinternetphone.com/xfinity/tv to check out the availability of Xfinity TV plans in your region.

And while you are waiting on these K-dramas and movies, how about you watch some of the iconic K-dramas and movies of 2022? To give you some ideas, try watching:

  • Business Proposal
  • Project Wolf Hunting
  • Twenty-Five Twenty-One
  • Alchemy Of Souls
  • Tomorrow
  • Pachinko
  • All Of Us Are Dead
  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Which One Are You Most Excited About?

Clearly, there are a lot of great Korean dramas and movies lined up for this year! It only makes you excited thinking about what else to expect from the New Year! So, which one will be watching first? Or better yet, which one are you anticipating the most?

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